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Staff Safety – Team safety is our top priority. To me, the team includes everyone in an exam room – the pet owners, the staff and myself. This means that you need to provide trained and knowledgeable staff members to assist with appointments and to restrain animals for all procedures.


Quality Medicine – I strive to provide quality medicine and a good experience for every pet and their family. This means that I need adequate time to do so. All appointments must be a minimum of 30 minutes per pet. All drop off appointments must have a designated appointment slot during which I can focus on the pet and their family.


Pandemic Precautions – I sometimes still wear a mask on shift. I only ask that people mask around me if they are sick or potentially sick.

Illness - Especially in light of the current pandemic, we need to work together to keep each other safe. I do not want to bring any illnesses into your clinic, and I do not want to take any illnesses home with me.


My family has an immunocompromised person and other individuals at high risk. (That’s me, I’m immunocompromised persons. Also having an illness go through a family of 5 is alot to deal with!). We really cannot afford for any of us, but especially mom, to get sick. If the ick is going though my household, I will contact you as soon as possible for cancellations. If anything is going on in your clinic, let me know right away. We can discuss options, and in most cases come up with a solution to keep me working with minimized risk. 

COVID-19 – if COVID is going through your clinic, please notify me and cancel the shift immediately. There will be no charge for COVID/Illness cancellations.

Weather – Inclement weather happens in New England. There is no charge for cancellations due to bad weather and unsafe road conditions. I will likewise let you know if I am unable to safely make it in.

General Cancellation – Plans and needs change all the time. There is no charge if contracted shifts are canceled in writing 30 days before a shift.

Contact us for details on clinic requirements

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